Yeni Khan Baba Teke, Rhodope Mountains

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     The tomb of Yeni Khan Baba is located in the Rhodope Mountains in the region of Smolyan, over Davidkovo village, where according to the legends is the tomb of Yeni Khan Baba known also as Enihan Baba.

     Yeni Khan Baba is a legendary Turkish hero - ''new master - father''. His existence hasn't been confirmed historically. There is cultural expression of differences. The 1993-meter-high peak, known with three different names: a legendary freedom - fighter of Bulgaria - Momchil, peak Freedom - Svoboda and Yeni Khan Baba. Teke, which became a space for a demonstration of cultural and religious differences of Bulgarian Turks. The names of the peaks marked the amazing nature with plenty of legends and mystery.   There are beautiful views from the top, which are amazing and even the White sea can be seen, if there is good weather before sunrise. 

     According to one of the legend, Momchil is ''voivoda'' or leader. He is one of the first that organized resistance against the Ottoman conquerors, which are buried here. Based on the legend about the burial of an Ottoman military leader, there was constructed a mausoleum with a glass sacrophagus inside to commemorate Yeni Khan Baba, who exists in the Bulgarian Turkish imagination as a cultural and religious hero. Shortly, after Yeni Khan Baba's mausoleum appeard next to it was placed next to it a granite tombstone dedicated to Momchil, which is the defender of the Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria. According to other legend Yeni Khan and his brothers slaughtered over 100 000 Bulgarians and other 100 000 have enslaved. The three brothers were beheaded ritually at the top of the mountain by Momchil Voivoda and the defending Bulgarians. Their heads were rolled up to the ravine. The carcasses got up and ran after their heads and took an armpit. Then they fled and stopped in the places where they were buried.

     Based on other sources, Yeni Khan Baba led two Turkish armies together with Sara Baba. There were many battles, between the Turks and Bulgarians, where they were destroyed Churches, killed many kids, women and plenty of old people. There is also another legend, which is very popular around the people in Rhodope mountains.Yeni Khan Baba was an angel, Islamic preacher and he was protecting the nation. On the peak Svoboda, people can reach while climbing over 604 stairs and the view from the top is unreal.

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