Travel all around Bulgaria and the Burgas region to visit the most famous places around. Bulgaria is rich in history and culture that will be apparent to any visitor.


     Sunny Beach is the largest resort city in the European country - Bulgaria. Sunny Beach is located on the Black Sea coast and it offers numerous things to fo during the summer season. Sunny Beach is situated on a bay in the shape of a crescent between the town of Nessebar and the resort Saint Vlas. Sunny Beach is the most crowded resort on Bulgarian Black sea coast, attracting manily young tourists with its twenty four / seven party life. With its hundreds of hotels, multiple entertainment and catering establishments, shops and its developed infrastructure, Sunny Beach receive thousands of tourists every year.

     Burgas is a city on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Burgas is an industrial center with many tourist attractions in the region. The Burgas port is the largest cargo port in the country. The closeness to the sea and the flat nature of the region is the reason for its settlement from antiquity to the present day. There are multiple archaeological finds from the Thracian period (4th century BC). Some of the greatest battles between Byzantine Empire and Bulgaria had been conducted in the region.

     Primorsko is located on the Black Sea coast in small peninsula. It is famous for its graceful arcing ten-kilometer sandy beach. Primorsko has the prettiest and the longest beach. Primorsko is situated fifty kilometers from Burgas. The rivers Ropotamo and Dyavolska river run close to the town. The Ropotamo nature reserve and Snake island reserve are also nearby. Around Primorsko are found ten mound necropolises and twelve dolmens.

     Saint Vlas is a beautiful coastal village of the foot of the Balkan Mountain range, it is situated only five kilometers from Sunny Beach and nine kilometers from Nessebar. Saint Vlas is a modern beach destination during the recent years with brand new infrastructure and hotels. The magnificent resort is a great combination of seaside and mountain. The Natural conditions - mountains, forest and sea are extremely healthy and perfect for full relaxation. Saint Vlas is one of the best destination for holiday for those who want to have fun on the beach or just to enjoy the views of the mountain.

     Pomorie is a seaside resort in southeastern Bulgaria, located only twenty kilometers from Burgas and eighteen kilometers from Sunny Beach. Pomorie is amazing place to visit, located on a narrow rocky peninsula in Burgas Bay. Pomorie was founded by the Ancient Greeks under the name Anchialos. The earliest evidence of human activity found in Pomorie dates back to the Neolitic Age (6th millenium BC). The Bay of Pomorie is preferred for yachting and sailing. Pomorie is defined as attractive balneological and sea resort.

     Sozopol is the oldest town on The Black Sea Coast. It is located on a beautiful bay, about 35 kilometers south of Burgas. It has been established in 610 BC as a Hellenic Colony, named Apollonia Pontica. Sozopol is charming old town of zigzagging cobbled streets and pretty wooden houses on a narrow peninsula and it is one of the coast's highlights. Sozopol attracts visitors from all over the world, because of Sozopol's beautiful old town and the romantic atmosphere. Sozopol is not that crowded as Nessebar, but it is definitely worth place to visit.

     Ravadinovo Castle is a unique attraction in Bulgaria. It is located only a few kilometers from Sozopol. The Ravadinovo Castle was built about 20 years ago and it presents a fantastic relization of a person's dream. The Castle combines various building and decorating styles and materials. The Castle of Ravadinovo is a bit of everything. It is mixing magic and fairytale, on the same time it is kinda strange and a bit kitschy. The Ravadinovo castle is not old historical building, even it is not completely finished, but it looks like a real medieval castle, which is built with attention to the small details.

     On a Romantic Rocky peninsula is situated the ancient town of Nessebar. The peninsula is 850 meters long and 300 meters wide. The town has a century - old history and it has preserved architectural monuments and buildings, which are over thousand years old existence. The largest number and best known buildings date from 11th to 14th century. All the churches are amazing and they are callled ''picturesque style'', because of their photogenicity. Nessebar is a favorite spot for tourists when it comes to sun and culture on the Bulgarian Black sea coast. It is listed in UNESCO heritage list and Nessebar's coastline is one of the best in Bulgaria.

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