Travel all around Bulgaria and the Plovdiv region to visit the most famous places around. Bulgaria is rich in history and culture that will be apparent to any visitor.


Kapana fest is an annual festival in Plovdiv. It is an art fair and it is named after the district that it occupies. The name of the district (Kapana) means “the Trap”, crowded with small streets and paths the district creates a very cozy and pleasant atmosphere. Kapana fest is filled with small shops, showcasing handmade traditional art and crafts. Different authors have the opportunity to show and sell their work in a bazaar that is organized exclusively for the festival.

Young Wine Parade is an event organized for wine lovers to get acquainted with the Bulgarian wine producers and their wine production. It is a great opportunity to understand and get to know better the wine culture in Bulgaria thanks to the wine tasting and lectures that are planned.

Street food festival “Mood for Food” is one of the most delicious events under the hills of Plovdiv. Food is in the centre of everything in the event accompanied by music from your favourite artists. The festival is offering a little something for every taste and combines a wide variety of flavours and recipes from all over the world.

     Asen's Fortress is situated 6 km away from Bachkovo Monastery and 19 km from Plovdiv. It dates back to the height of the Second Bulgarian Empire (1185 - 1396) - Asen Dynasty. The fortress - known as ''Petrich'' , first appeared in history books during the 11th century. The Asen's Fortress was rebuilt during the time of the Roman Emperor Justinian as one of 300 fortresses erected to defend the Empire against invasions by Slavic Tribes. Asen's Fortress has been there periods of substantial construction - during the 9th, 11th and 13th centuries. The Byzantines would break ground on the small fortress tower in the 9th century and countinued construction over the next few centuries.

     The Bachkovo Monastery is the second largest Ortodox Monastery in Bulgaria. It is situated in the village ''Bachkovo'', which is 7 km south of Asenovgrad and 25 km south of Plovdiv in the hills of Rhodope Mountains. The Bachkovo Monastery was founded in 1083 by the Byzantine military commander, Grigoriy Bakurani and his brother Abbasiy. In the very beginning the monastery has been developed as a center of Georgian monkhood and it has preserved its Georgian character until the end of 12th century.

     The Old Town of Plovdiv is a unique city within the city of Plovdiv with its own rhytm and lifestyle. Ancient Plovdiv is a well - preserved complex where on a relatively small area visitors can take walls through different historical ages, see ancient buildings adapted to the modern way of life and feel the spirit of the town from the Bulgarian Revival period.

     Plovdiv is the oldest city in Europe and it is in the top ten of the oldest cities still existing in the world. The city has very rich history and many tales about different aspects of the city life and establishment. Plovdiv's hills are not broad like in other cities. Stories of the Good life that the people in the city had. Plovdiv men were famous for their bravery and skills in battle and the women were well-known for their beauty. The legend of The Seven Hills of Plovdiv, presents an extraordinary view on how the hills were formed.

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